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Dining / Restaurant Industry Pack

Pre-packaged ‘Dining/Restaurant Industry Pack’ contains:

  • x5 C-AMB020-AU Modern Bill Folder
  • x1 C-AMA049-AU Love Good Wine Decal
  • x1 C-AMA050-AU Love Good Food Decal
  • x1 C-AMA014-AU TripAdvisor Decal
  • x5 C-AMB019-AU Black Plastic Pens
  • x1 C-AMC003-AU Horizontal Multicard Decal
  • x1 C-AMC006-AU Black Cotton Apron
  • x1 C-AMC017-AU Reserved Tent Stand

*Note - Some decals have been updated to new artwork which is not shown in the image.

Maximum Order Quantity: 1
Item Code Stock Quantity
C-AMP001-AU 168